Discontinuation report LUPRON (2023)

Report ID153896Drug Identification Number00727695Brand nameLUPRONCommon or Proper nameLeuprolide acetateCompany NameABBVIE CORPORATIONMarket StatusCANCELLED POST MARKETActive Ingredient(s)LEUPROLIDE ACETATEStrength(s)5MGDosage form(s)SOLUTIONRoute of administrationSUBCUTANEOUSSUBCUTANEOUSPackaging size1 kit (2.8mL) (5mg/mL)ATC codeL02AEATC descriptionHORMONES AND RELATED AGENTSReason for discontinuationBusiness reasonsAnticipated discontinuation date2022-08-31Actual discontinuation date2022-08-16Remaining supply date2022-08-31Discontinuation statusDiscontinuedDiscontinuation decision reversalNoInformation on remaining supplyThe commercialization of this product form will cease in Canada once the existing inventory is fully depleted.Company commentsAbbVie would like to inform you that this product has now been discontinued globally across AbbVie due to a lack of demand with newer alternatives available. Please note that no other AbbVie products, other than Lupron Depot 5MG/ML (DIN #00727695) will be affected. All other formats and strengths of LUPRON (leuprolide acetate injection) will continue to be produced and commercialized both globally and in Canada. Lupron Depot is also available as a 3.75 mg (1-Month SR), 7.5 mg (1-Month SR), 11.25 mg (3-Month SR), 22.5 mg (3-Month SR) and 30 mg (4-Month SR) formulation.Health Canada commentsTier 3 StatusNoContact Address8401 TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY
CANADA H4S 1Z1Company contact informationShould you require any additional information, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-704-8270.

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